Understanding indoor wifi coverage

Published: 4/19/22, 4:40 PM

Full Flavour's entry-level router will provide good wifi coverage in the room it is placed in and ok wifi coverage in the immediately adjacent rooms. 
For most customers, this works well, as the majority of the internet usage is done in the living room or lounge, but you might want wifi throughout your home. 

Wifi works a bit like a lightbulb, to get a good signal in every room, you can either use a very powerful wifi router (and these come at a premium price and depending on how large the home is, will eventually reach distance limitations) or, you can install multiple wifi access points, which is the approach we recommend. 

With this approach, the two options are: 

Ceiling Mounted Wifi Extension 

This will involve our technician running an additional cable from where your main router will be installed, up through your walls and ceiling and installing an access point in the ceiling. These look like smoke alarms and are aesthetically pleasing. Performance is very good because the equipment is cabled back into your main router - it's a direct connection.

Powerline Wi-Fi Extender Kit 

This is a plug & play solution, one end gets plugged into your main router and the other end goes into a wall jack down the other side of the house. The equipment then uses the existing power cabling inside your walls to extend the internet from one side of the house to the other. While this is very cost-effective, performance is limited and in some homes due to the way the power cabling has been set up, doesn't work at all.

We actively discourage our customers from using non-powerline or non-cabled wifi extenders. There are some good brands out there (such as the Orbi that we've pictured in this post), however most function poorly and the fundamental problem is that the extender needs a good signal to "rebroadcast", which is the problem you're usually trying to fix in the first place (the low signal one). For further reading on this topic, we found this post helpful.

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