Rural broadband at city speeds

We hate waiting for websites to download, pictures to upload, or kids nagging when their favourite game stops mid-play.

The internet is supposed to make it easier to get stuff done and have fun – not leave a bad taste in your mouth.

That's why we've built Full Flavour, your regional Internet Service Provider.

We’re proud to be independent of the big telco’s. It means we can respond to what you, our customer, really needs to satisfy your appetite for digital devices with our rural broadband options.

With Full Flavour you get the speed you need for the best experience of everything you consume online. 


Serving the Bay of Plenty and Waikato regions, you get personal customer service from a local Tauranga business


We've been in business for over 10 years and many of our customers have been with us for years which is a testament to the service we provide.


We're unbiased towards the use of different technology and we connect people to the fastest net within their budget - Fibre, VDSL, Wireless or 4G.

Not sure what you need?

Get local support

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  • Brent Nelson

    Brent Nelson

    We totally recommend "Full Flavour" to provide your broadband, we are more than happy with the product, service, help and found all the staff just fantastic.

  • Maja Wright

    Maja Wright

    Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness, Value

  • Brad Chittenden

    Brad Chittenden

    Have been with Full Flavour for many years. The help desk is very responsive and helped me gain maximum speeds by recommending and then setting up a new router.

  • Susan Hay

    Susan Hay

    Awesome personalised service. No issues for 8 years with the organisation. Great team to do business with.

  • Harald Ahorner

    Harald Ahorner

    Great Internet Provider - very happy with the VSDL speed out here in Shelly Beach, excellent service and support and very easy to deal with.

  • Brian Felton

    Brian Felton

    Very good company to deal with. If you get a problem you have someone to talk to. If they have a problem they let us know!

  • Lisa R.

    Lisa R.

    Great service and communication either online or with a real person! Awesome speed in a rural setting. Definitely recommend Full Flavour.

  • Markus Schonberger

    Markus Schonberger

    Professional and helpful with great quality internet service.

  • Tony Price

    Tony Price

    We have been with Full Flavour since moving into our rural property last year.  They were quick to come out and test the location when we requested, and we have been very happy with their service.

  • Shaun Fisher

    Shaun Fisher

    Used these guys to assist us in supporting a client with an internet deployment. The team went above and beyond in installing many additional pieces of hardware to accommodate a customer with very specific requirements. End result was a happy customer and a stable service. Thanks team!