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Extensive coverage using our own network of repeaters throughout the Bay of Plenty and Waikato

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Local rural broadband done the Kiwi way

Experience wireless rural broadband the Kiwi way with Full Flavour. While other providers aim to cover the globe, we're focused on delivering top-notch service right in your own backyard.

Imagine this: we're bringing city-speed internet directly to your door through our reliable Rural Wireless service, offering speeds quicker than a jet boat on the Waikato. And the best part? It's all powered by our very own network of towers and repeaters nestled in our local hills—a true Kiwi network.

But we're not just about speed; we're about reliability too. With Full Flavour, you can count on instant website downloads, seamless streaming, rapid picture uploads, and uninterrupted gaming sessions for the kids—all without a hitch.

Plus, our commitment to local communities sets us apart. Our team of expert techs resides within the very communities we serve, ensuring you receive the personalised support you deserve. Whether it's the initial setup or swiftly resolving any issues, we're committed to being there for you.

Our coverage is across Rotorua Lakes to South Waikato, Taupō, and the Western Bay of Plenty districts.

Communities served include Ātiamuri, Broadlands, Horohoro, Kinleith, Kinloch, Kuratau, Lake Tarawera, Mangakino, Marotiri, Maunganamu, Mihi, Minden, Mokai, Motuoapa, Ngakuru, Ohauiti, Ohaaki, Ohakuri, Omanawa, Oruanui, Oropi, Pyes Pa, Reporoa, Rerewhakaaitu, Rotokawa, Tahorakurī Forest, Tauhara Forest, Tihoi, Tirohanga, Tokoroa, Tumunui, Waihāhā, Waikite Valley, Waitahanui, Waiotapu, Wairakei, Wairoa, Waotu, Whakamaru, Whakamārama, and Wiltsdown among others..

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Everyday plan vs Go Fast plan?

Our Everyday data plan is our most affordable option with standard network access.

Our Go Fast plan has priority access - so when the network gets busy, Go Fast users are prioritised over our Everyday users.

Our Go Fast plan also offers an optional Public IP, which can offer some performance benefits, particularly useful for gaming and video conferencing.

What areas do you cover?

Our repeaters are located throughout the following districts: Rotorua Lakes, South Waikato, Taupō and Western Bay Of Plenty. Lodge a free signal test request from us to check.

Is there a minimum term?

Yes - we require 30 days notice to cancel a service and a 6 month minimum term applies.

How do you supply the service?

Our technician will install a 47cm dish (smaller than a Sky TV dish) on your roof and a broadband outlet inside your home for your home Wi-Fi router to plug into.

Will I have Wi-Fi around my home?

Yes, you'll either buy a Wi-Fi router from us for $150 or you can supply your own.

Who owns the equipment?

As the installation of rooftop equipment is included in our monthly plan charge, all rooftop equipment supplied remains the property of Full Flavour and must be returned to Full Flavour at the conclusion of service.

Is there an installation fee?

Installation is free on our residential plans.

For our Business plan, installation is $599, to cover the additional costs associated with this service.

What are the benefits of a Public IP?

Public IP addresses generally provide better connectivity for certain applications, such as online gaming, video conferencing, and real-time communication tools. Direct access to the internet can reduce latency and improve overall performance.

How far from the tower can I be?

The maximum distance is 15km. We have strict technical parameters to meet in order to provide this service reliably so upon reviewing your address we'll use our tools to estimate your signal levels. If you're beyond 15km, you may talk to us about establishing a solar repeater on your property. We also have some repeaters that due to

What if my house can't see the local tower?

In this case we do offer a Local Network Extension product, assuming another building on your property can see the tower. Otherwise, you can talk to us about installing Solar Repeater.

How fast is your Rural Wireless?

Typical speeds are between 30Mbps - 100Mbps.

This is more than sufficient for multiple members of your household to stream TV shows or movies simultaneously without any buffering issues.

When it comes to uploading data, such as sharing photos or videos online, you can typically achieve speeds ranging from 10Mbps to 20Mbps.

It's important to note that the speeds may vary depending on factors such as your proximity to our repeaters. If you're closer to one of our repeaters, you'll likely experience faster speeds compared to those who are farther away. We continuously upgrade our repeaters and overall network capacity to ensure consistent performance.

Unlike other providers that rely on satellite or 4G technology, we take great care in managing our network to avoid overcrowding on any particular repeater. This means that you can enjoy a more reliable and stable connection.

In addition to speed, please understand that latency, or the time it takes for data to travel from the internet to your home, is crucial. That's why we offer a low-latency service. With our setup, most customers connect back to the internet via just two wireless hops - up the hill and then down to a fibre internet connection. This helps minimize any delays and ensures a smooth and responsive internet experience for your farm operations.

How fast is Business Rural Wireless?

Typically 100Mbps or faster.

We don't set any artificial speed cap - your connection can run as fast as the wireless technology will allow.

Can I get even faster speeds?

Yes, up to 1Gbps! Check out our Air Fibre service.

What about my cowshed?

With Full Flavour’s half-price cowshed broadband connection, you can get the most out of your farming business. From the power of agritech to having access to weather updates, having a cowshed broadband connection is essential for having a successful farm.

You must have a primary (full price) unlimited plan with us to be eligible for the half-price cowshed offer.

What about phone service?

We can activate a phone service that acts similar to a regular 07 landline for $20 / month. For service to continue to work during a powercut, you'll need to purchase a small UPS.