is rural broadband
at city speeds

Nationwide rural GO FAST broadband

Rural 3G

    • Available in 3G coverage zones
    • No long-term contract
    • Note: this plan is being retired end of 2020
    • 3G Wi-Fi modem $100

    Unmetered data


    per month

Rural DSL

  • ADSL/VDSL, uses existing copper line
  • No long-term contract
  • Install fees may apply
  • Activate phone service for $10

Unmetered data


per month

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Rural Fibre

  • 900Mbps+ fibre directly into your home
  • 24 month agreement
  • Install costs apply

Unmetered data from


per month

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We ♥ Ultra Fast Broadband in Tauranga

Cheers to the Government and their $1.5 billion dollar investment into fast broadband for 75% of New Zealanders.

Cheers to Ultrafast Fibre LTD for winning the Tauranga contract and committing to roll out UFB Fibre in Tauranga by end of 2016 (3 years ahead of most of regions in New Zealand).

Since our inception in 2009, Full Flavour Media has been based in Tauranga working with small & medium business (SME) owners providing internet solutions (website design, development & marketing; website & server hosting along with fast VDSL broadband).

We're excited that as the Tauranga fibre broadband roll-out continues, Full Flavour Fibre Broadband enables small and medium businesseses along with residential customers to get connected to the internet at Ultra Fast Broadband speeds.

Once connected, business customers can take advantage of innovative services such as our Cloud PBX which often saves hundreds if not thousands of $$ each year. Fibre is great for home users as well, especially with new products on the market such as Chromecast, which helps you become a "cord cutter" by moving to online TV.

Full Flavour Rural DSL

Upgrades through 2019 and 2020

Chorus has been upgrading their rural broadband cabinets - replacing slow copper backhaul connection (to the main local or regional exchange) with fibre and upgrading the electronics. This enables access to more recent broadband tech such as ADSL2+ and VDSL.
More details on upgrades to date and to order service.


Benefits of Full Flavour Fibre Broadband


With Ultra Fast Broadband running over Fibre optic cables you can: - Access "triple play" services - video, data, voice. - Use our VoIP phone line services which are bundled with our 100/50 Fibre Flavour plans. Ditch the copper phone lines and take advantage of inexpensive calling and smart VoIP services such as Auto Attendant, Call Recording, Voicemail to Email and Call Queues - Use online storage solutions such as Dropbox or Crashplan for easily backing up important files - Download and Upload large files (or large sets of small files) - particularly appropriate for media related businesses (photography, video production) - More users sharing the same connection doesn't slow down the internet to nearly the same degree as in the past with ADSL broadband


As an ISP, Full Flavour Media believes that the internet is essential for successful small and medium businesses, with restrictions on data usage hindering internet uptake, rather than encouraging use to it's full potential. All our Fibre Broadband plans are "Unmetered" with a generous fair use policy in place.

Businesses that need guaranteed speeds above & beyond our fair use data pool can purchase CIR (committed information rate) bandwidth at $10 / megabit. Please contact our sales team on sales@fullflavourmedia.co.nz about this service.


UFB Fibre Modem - Innbox V50-UOur network has been reworked for best possible performance for customers connecting over Ultra Fast Broadband.

UFB Fibre Modem - Innbox V50-UOne of the other key links in the chain is the modem you use at your premises. We supply our 100/50 speed customers with the Innbox V50-U modem. Because we maintain a degree of quality control from your premises right into our network and onto the internet, we can ensure the best possible experience.

We can remotely communicate with the Innbox V50-U modem making troubleshooting and future upgrades painless.


We're not an anonymous Auckland-based corporate providing mass-market solutions to every Tom, Dick and Harry.

We're located here in Tauranga and our team specialize in working with customers on a one on one basis - we don't see you as a number.

Our priority at Full Flavour is our small-medium business customers. We recognize a lot of kiwis also work from home therefore we don't discriminate against residential customers either.


We're located in Basestation, Tauranga. You can reach our helpdesk during business hours by popping in (148 Durham St), phoning 07 5770099 or emailing support@fullflavour.co.nz.