Rural fibre broadband

Fibre broadband is now available throughout rural New Zealand. As part of the Rural Broadband Initiative, fibre has been installed to schools, cell phone towers and existing rural broadband ADSL cabinets. If there is fibre going past your gate or is just down the road, Full Flavour can provide you a quote to connect to it

Rural Fibre Broadband Plans


  • Peak download speed of 100Mbps

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per month incl GST


  • Plans available from 50Mbps to 950Mbps

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per month excl GST


Who is Full Flavour?

Full Flavour is a locally owned internet service provider (ISP) with it's office located in Durham Street, Tauranga. The company has been in the business of connecting locals for over 9 years now with hundreds of customers in Tauranga city.

We've always been a leader - in Tauranga we were providing fibre broadband services to customers years before the big national telcos entered the market with their products.

How much does it cost to connect

Rural fibre installations are not subsidised by Government-funded UFB or RBI programs. Installation costs are based on cost-recovery. For fibre outside your gate, minimum installation charge is $2875 incl GST. Pricing goes up from there depending on project requirements such as: civil work, distance from fibre, road crossings, traffic management. Each rural fibre project is first provided an estimate, which can then be turned into a formal quote if requested by the customer.