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From TV frequencies to broadband towers

Back a few years ago (2012 and 2013 to be precise) the entire country went through the exercise of switching off "old school analogue TV".  New digital TV technology had come along that was far more efficient at delivering the shows we love to watch and this freed up the 700Mhz radio band for new broadband services.

The 700Mhz radio band is super-valuable, in fact, the three mobile carriers paid the Government over $176M for long-term licenses to use it.

Why spend so much money?

The trick with these frequencies is that they don't require line-of-sight between the broadband tower and the house receiving the signal, making them ideal for rural broadband where many of us live behind a hill or down in a valley.

These special frequencies underpin the Full Flavour 4G Rural Broadband service (we partner with Vodafone for access to the Rural Broadband Initiative 1 network) in allowing us to deliver service where many others can't.

4G 700Mhz services launched in 2014 and Full Flavour now has over five years track record delivering 4G Rural Broadband to households throughout the Bay of Plenty and Waikato.

Benefits of Full Flavour 4G Rural Broadband


With Ultra Fast Broadband running over Fibre optic cables you can: – Access „triple play“ services – video, data, voice. – Use our VoIP phone line services which are bundled with our 100/50 Fibre Flavour plans. Ditch the copper phone lines and take advantage of inexpensive calling and smart VoIP services such as Auto Attendant, Call Recording, Voicemail to Email and Call Queues – Use online storage solutions such as Dropbox or Crashplan for easily backing up important files – Download and Upload large files (or large sets of small files) – particularly appropriate for media related businesses (photography, video production) – More users sharing the same connection doesn’t slow down the internet to nearly the same degree as in the past with ADSL broadband.


We’re not an anonymous Auckland-based corporate providing mass-market solutions to every Tom, Dick and Harry.

We’re located here in Tauranga and our team specialize in working with customers on a one on one basis – we don’t see you as a number.

Our priority at Full Flavour is our small-medium business customers. We recognize a lot of kiwis also work from home therefore we don’t discriminate against residential customers either.

  • Brent Nelson

    Brent Nelson

    We totally recommend "Full Flavour" to provide your broadband, we are more than happy with the product, service, help and found all the staff just fantastic.

  • Maja Wright

    Maja Wright

    Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness, Value

  • Brad Chittenden

    Brad Chittenden

    Have been with Full Flavour for many years. The help desk is very responsive and helped me gain maximum speeds by recommending and then setting up a new router.

  • Susan Hay

    Susan Hay

    Awesome personalised service. No issues for 8 years with the organisation. Great team to do business with.

  • Harald Ahorner

    Harald Ahorner

    Great Internet Provider - very happy with the VSDL speed out here in Shelly Beach, excellent service and support and very easy to deal with.

  • Brian Felton

    Brian Felton

    Very good company to deal with. If you get a problem you have someone to talk to. If they have a problem they let us know!

  • Lisa R.

    Lisa R.

    Great service and communication either online or with a real person! Awesome speed in a rural setting. Definitely recommend Full Flavour.

  • Markus Schonberger

    Markus Schonberger

    Professional and helpful with great quality internet service.

  • Tony Price

    Tony Price

    We have been with Full Flavour since moving into our rural property last year.  They were quick to come out and test the location when we requested, and we have been very happy with their service.

  • Shaun Fisher

    Shaun Fisher

    Used these guys to assist us in supporting a client with an internet deployment. The team went above and beyond in installing many additional pieces of hardware to accommodate a customer with very specific requirements. End result was a happy customer and a stable service. Thanks team!


Who is Full Flavour?

Full Flavour is a locally owned regional internet service provider (ISP) with it's office located in Durham Street, Tauranga. The company has connected over one thousand customers through it's ten year history.

We've always been a leader - in Tauranga we were providing fibre broadband services to customers years before the big national telcos entered the market with their products.

Now in rural areas, with 700Mhz 4G technology, we're the local provider to turn to with the fastest rural broadband internet - 30Mbps peak speeds.

Where do you have coverage?

We are using capacity on new and upgraded towers throughout the Bay of Plenty and Waikato that have had services setup as part of the Government-backed Rural Broadband Initiative.

With the special RBI funding, the infrastructure has been constructed to a level of quality & height that far exceeds local competitor towers. In particular, RBI towers are usually 29M above ground, with mains power and fibre backbone connection installed.

Coverage on 700Mhz 4G frequencies (previously used for analog broadcast TV) typically extends beyond 15KM and is available in most areas in rural Bay of Plenty and Waikato where people live.

I have poor mobile coverage. Does that mean I can't get the service?

Our modems and rooftop antennas are significantly bigger than those found in consumer mobiles, so we tend to have a better result in picking up signal.

What if I need an antenna?

Approximately 10% of our customers can receive adequate signal but require an antenna installed on their roof to boost speed up to an acceptable level. In these cases we offer an installation service via trusted installation partners in the Bay of Plenty.

Is there an unlimited plan?

On 4G, there is a limit to the amount of capacity (gigabytes per month) that wireless technology can support. Increasing capacity often involves building another tower in the area at significant cost. If unlimited plans were permitted at these speeds, the risk of a small number of users consuming all capacity and thus slowing down the service is quite high. Allocating each customer a data pack of 100GB, 150GB or 200GB ensures everyone gets a good service.

We do have an unlimited plan on the 3G network which runs at slower speeds.

What is my local area and pricing?

We have defined coverage zones that allows us to offer discounted pricing in areas where we have extra capacity.

The zones are mostly defined by district council boundaries:

Eastern Bay includes Whakatane, Kawerau and Opotiki district council areas

Western Bay is the Western Bay of Plenty District Council area

Rotorua Lakes and Taupō cover these two district council areas

Waikato includes all district council areas in the Waikato Region except Rotorua Lakes and Taupō

View map showing district council boundaries and region boundaries here

What are your contract terms?

At present we offer a free standard connection, which involves no external antenna. We sell the customer a 4G broadband router that provides a standard size 3 bedroom home with Wi-Fi.

We don't lock customers in for any particular length of time, but 30 days written notice must be given to us to end a Full Flavour 4G service.

How long does it take to get connected?

In regular circumstances, we can confirm coverage at your property within five working days. We do this via a free signal test where we confirm availability and speed via testing equipment (including specialist antennas).

Arranging equipment for your connection may take up to 10 working days once you've accepted our quote.

Occasionally demand for our 4G service may exceed our forecasts and we may be waiting for additional equipment supplies.

What model router do you provide?

At present our 4G router is a Huawei B525. The router includes Wi-Fi for your home devices to connect to as well as four ethernet ports. We offer a standard 12 month warranty on 4G router equipment, so we'll replace it free of charge in the event of failure (excluding failure caused by power surges or sun damage).

What's the difference between Rural 4G and Rural Wireless?

With Rural Wireless, you connect to our radio equipment which is installed either on our own towers or the new RBI2 towers that have been funded by Government. Coverage is limited to Bay of Plenty and Waikato sites we have installed.

With Rural 4G, coverage is available nationwide and accesses the RBI1 network that was funded by Government a few years earlier.

More data, including unlimited, and faster speeds are available on Rural Wireless