We ♥ Ultra Fast Broadband in Tauranga

We have launched these plans to allow our business customers to respond to Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) and the impact this is having on employees.

These internet plans are available to be added to employer accounts with Full Flavour and the employer can choose to cover all or some of the cost while the plan(s) are required.

The employer must have a regular Full Flavour business connection.


Each plan is uniquely configured for enabling employees to remotely work from home. All plans include a Static IP which some companies require for remote work / security / VPN access

The fixed fibre plans are configured with symmetrical bandwidth which means employees can download AND upload at 100Mbps (most residential plans cap the upload bandwidth).

To order please speak with your Full Flavour account manager or email sales@fullflavour.co.nz

Remote Work Business Plans

Rural Fixed

  • We'll provide the best available service at your address

  • Available nationwide

  • ADSL (Downloads at 5–24Mbps)
  • VDSL (Downloads at 15–100Mbps)
  • Fibre (Downloads/Uploads at 100Mbps)

  • Cloud phone extension addon $10 / month
  • Single /32 Static IP Address
  • One-off plan switch fee $43.48+GST

Unmetered Data


per month + GST

Rural Wireless

  • Available nationwide where we have 4G coverage

  • 200GB data
  • Cloud phone extension option for $10 / monthly
  • Single /32 Static IP Address

200GB data


per month + GST

Urban Fibre

  • Available nationwide where Chorus or Ultrafast Fibre UFB has been installed

  • Download up to 100Mbps
  • Upload up to 100Mbps
  • Cloud phone extension $10 / month each
  • Single /32 Static IP Address
  • One-off plan switch fee $43.48+GST

Unmetered data


per month + GST