Discover the Full Flavour of Everything on the Internet

We hate waiting for websites to download, pictures to upload, or kids nagging when their favourite game stops mid-play. The internet is supposed to make it easier to get stuff done and have fun – not leave a bad taste in your mouth.

That’s why we’ve built Full Flavour, your local Internet Service Provider. We’re proud to be independent of the big telco’s.

It means we can respond to what you, our customer, really needs to satisfy your appetite for digital devices with our 4G Rural Wireless Broadband plan. With Full Flavour you get the speed you need for the best experience of everything you consume online.


Your Local Internet Service Provider

Full Flavour was founded in 2009 by Tauranga entrepreneur Jesse Archer. It's team have been serving the needs of local businesses with website design, hosting, digital streaming and internet services successfully ever since.

At the beginning of 2010 Full Flavour began providing ISP services and has improved access to fast, reliable, uncapped internet services to over 1000 business and residential customers already. When New Zealand’s government announced the rollout of Ultra Fast Broadband and Full Flavour’s team found Tauranga was one of the first on the list for the new service they moved quickly to sign up with the company putting the new fibres under our roads, Ultrafast Fibre (UFF). 

Full Flavour, being a small, nimble company has made the most of Tauranga's position on the fibre rollout. The speed and access available to Tauranga through Full Flavour is way ahead of the rest of the country, and the offerings of the big Telco’s.

The team are excited about the opportunity that's ahead for our rural customers with the recent establishment of 14 25M high Rural Broadband Initiative (RBI) towers, erected at strategic points in the BOP. RBI is open access which aids the service innovations being undertaken by regional operators such as Full Flavour.

Full Flavour has grown since 2009 and is now at home in Basestation, a Tauranga City Central coworking office, providing locals with jobs as well as happy customers with service.

When you deal with Full Flavour, you are dealing with local people whose objective is seeing your business succeed and your family’s appetite for using digital devices and the internet met.

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